Planned Developments

Planned Development zoning is used to accommodate infill and other developments that are not possible under standard zoning districts. Planned Development zoning offers flexibility from certain zoning standards in exchange for a higher level of site design and architectural control than is required using conventional zoning.

The Planned Development process generally requires two steps - the creation of a General Development Plan (GDP), followed by the review and approval of a Precise Implementation Plan (PIP) for each building or building type within the district.  A GDP/PIP may be approved in one step for a site that involves one building.  Once approved, the GDP and PIP serve as the zoning controls for a specific site or area of development. The map below shows where Planned Development zoning is used within the city.

1. Token Creek Conservancy Estates
2. Liberty Square
3. KSS & Co.
4. LD Jacks
5. Horizon Elementary
6. Vandenburg
7. Prairie Athletic Club
8. Woodgrove Ridge
9. Ironwood Estates
10. Suntowne
11. Prairie Centre
12. Bethlehem Lutheran Church
13. Sun Prairie Health Care Ctr
14. Sacred Hearts
15. West Prairie Village

Contact the Planning Division at 608-825-1107 for questions or specific information about Planned Developments.

16. Brooks Implement

17. Lighthouse at Sun Prairie

18. Cannery Square

19. Colonial Club

20. Gencap - Copps East

21. East Bay Condominiums

22. The Uplands

23. Golden Meadows/Fox Point

24. Walmart

25. Prairie Fields

26. Providence

27. Prairie Lakes

28. Bunny’s Corner

29. Woodman’s

30. Smith’s Crossing