Sample Ballots

The Sample Ballots for the November 6, 2018 General Election are now available for viewing.  There are three types, so please be sure to double check the district map to ensure you are viewing the correct ballot for your ward.

District 1                                                                                                      Wards 1-5  Sample Ballot 

District 2                                                                                                       Wards 6-9  Sample Ballot                                                                             Ward 23   Sample Ballot

District 3                                                                                                           Wards 10-14  Sample Ballot                                                                          Wards 20-22, 24-25  Sample Ballot

District 4                                                                                                          Wards 15-19  Sample Ballot 

If you are unsure where to vote, visit the MyVote website.  An online district map (PDF) is also available for further reference.

Candidates' Answers

Trying to research the candidates on the ballot?  The non-partisan League of Women Voters of Dane County publishes candidates' answers to their questions for each election.  As soon as that publican is available we will provide the link here.

Link to Candidates' Answers